Society for the Local Economy of Ashhurst & Pohangina

About LEAP

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We welcome additional volunteers

Roles include market day help, leadership, and project support. We're open to new ideas and initiatives.

We are particularly in need of people willing to take on the following roles (may be combined):

Coordinator of community market volunteers. We already have six (6) active market volunteers taking responsibility for specific tasks, and we are seeking more volunteers to fill the roles listed below. A coordinator can help keep everyone working together and make sure threads aren't dropped. Availability on market days is optional. Availability for committee meetings is strongly preferred.

Compliance officer for the community market. We're seeking a friendly, clear communicator to help with our library and other council relationships, our market sellers' compliance with food regulations, and general market health and safety. On-site availability on most market days is strongly preferred.

Market media promotions. Help us build a customer base by getting the word out through social media and more. Availability on market days is optional.

Market development. The market has unrealised potential. Are you the person who can take it to the next step, working in the context of a supportive and willing-to-help-out governance committee?

LEAP promotes the local economies of Ashhurst and Pohangina

LEAP will serve a combination of the following purposes as capacity allows.

1. LEAP will work to enhance our area's economic resilience through initiatives such as a community market, a business directory, a local currency, and a volunteer time bank. 

2. LEAP will serve as an umbrella organisation for self-organising, informal groups that are developing local self-reliance, such as co-operatives or savings pools..

3. LEAP will promote 'buy local' and community-based ecnomic solutions that enhance economic resilience, social connectivity, and community well-being.

4. LEAP will raise awareness of ecnomic issues related to systemic social injustice, ecological degradation, and the weakening of communities of place.

LEAP is led by volunteers

Llyvonne Barber, Chairperson

Phil Stevens, Treasurer/Secretary, LOAVES coordinator, and market music and entertainment coordinator

Jo Beazer, board member and pre-market leafletting

Beth Jones, board member and coordinator of market sellers

Harvey Jones, board member and logistics support for market days

Ian Stark, board member, children's games for markets, and pre-market posters and signs

Anne van-Brunt, board member, volunteer directory coordinator, and market stall fees collection