Society for the Local Economy of Ashhurst & Pohangina

LEAP is the Society for the Local Economy of Ashhurst and Pohangina, Inc. We are a not-for-profit, volunteer-led collective. Our mission is "to promote the sustainability, diversity, and resilience of the economy of the Greater Ashhurst and Pohangina region." We believe a well-connected local economy can build community, alleviate income and wealth inequality, and help regenerate the planet. If you share our vision and want to get involved, please contact us!

LEAP's operations are changing significantly

LEAP may wind-up before the end of the financial year (by 31 March 2021). We're also changing how we operate right now: 

  • The Ashhurst Community Market is being organised independently as pop-up markets. LEAP no longer has a Market Coordinator.
  • Ashhurst Community Library staff are organising the Christmas Market.
  • LOAVES is becoming independent of LEAP. After the 14 December 2020 Christmas Market, LEAP will no longer exchange LOAVES for NZD. LOAVES can continue to circulate through the informal economy. 

Go to our News page to read more about these upcoming changes.