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Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) is an organisation of NZ Police, Corrections and other law enforcement professionals who are opposed to Drug Prohibition.

Just like Alcohol Prohibition, Drug Prohibition has led to black market profiteering by organised criminal gangs.

Under Drug Prohibition these criminals have become powerful and are exposing youth to harder drugs and gang culture.

LEAP is made of of law enforcement professionals both retired and serving, who want to speak out aginst the harms caused by the Drug War.

Numerous Government Committees have called for reforms of New Zealand's drug laws over the years.

Most recently, the New Zealand Law Commission, headed by former Prime Minister Sir Geoffrey Palmer, reviewed the Misuse of Drugs Act in 2011. They recommended a relaxation of the Cannabis laws, but the recommendations were opposed by the interests profiting from prohibition and not taken up by the government.

NZ Police are placed in the unfortunate situation of having to enforce an unpopular law that many officers don't themselves agree with. Police use of heavy handed tactics to enforce Drug Prohibition undermines public confidence and trust in the force, when it is already suffering. Some officers are now beginning to speak out against these unproductive policies.

Abolition of Prohibition is of the foremost importance to restoration of privacy and human rights in New Zealand. If you agree, please join us.

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